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Horizontal augmentation and filling of a bone gap with SmartBone blocks

SmartBone is elastic and sufficiently robust to be precisely handled and cut to the necessary shape and dimensions in order to best fit the specific patient bone defect. The material is not friable, hence it was easily fixed to the receiving bone, previously duly microcanalized, with osteosynthesis screws.*
Four months after grafting no evidence of serious adverse effects, such as inflammation, pain or dehiscence, was observed, and no implanted material was identified in the regenerated sites. New bone, thanks to its mechanical properties, consented to fix screws for dental implants, as is visible from the radiography, and to sustain histological sampling.*


Pertici G., Carinci F., Carusi G., Epistatus D., Villa T., Crivelli F., Rossi F., Perale G. Composite polymer-coated mineral scaffolds for bone regeneration: from material characterization to human studies. Journal of biological regulators & homeostatic agents – Vol. 29, no. 3 (S1), 136-148 (2015)

1 - Patient's initial condition
2 - Surgery
3 - Follow up 2 months
4 - Follow up 4 months_impants placement
5 - X-ray analysis 4 months
6 - Histological analysis 4 months
7 - Histological analysis 4 months
8 - Histological analysis 4 months
9 - Follow up 1 and 2 years
10 - Follow up 3 years
11 - Initial conditions VS follow up 3 years
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Location:Bucarest, Romania
Surgeon:Dr. Giorgio Carusi and Dr. Dragos Epistatus
Product:SmartBone Block
Surgery:Left upper dental arch, bone graft due to post extraction gap in 23 for the maintenance of volumes and cross increase in area 24-25

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