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Lateral augmentation in surgical site 45- 46 using SmartBone blocks

Surgical site 45-46 was suffering from bone atrophy and was treated with SmartBone 10x10x10 mm block, manually sized to fit defect to
achieve thickness transverse recovery.*

Surgical follow-up was monitored via intraoral x-ray imaging at month 2; after 4 months, a CT scan was performed to check bone regeneration, and histological sampling was then performed during site preparation for implantation.*

The radiography after 2 months post-implantation underlined the good placement of the graft: tight and stable contact with the receiving site is essential for bone regeneration.*

Regenerated bone was tough already after 4 months, sufficiently strong and dense as to easily withstand positioning of implants, as needed.*

A final control was carried out by X-ray out after 3 years from SB grafting to prove the healthy and solid structure of newly formed bone.*


Pertici G., Carinci F., Carusi G., Epistatus D., Villa T., Crivelli F., Rossi F., Perale G. Composite polymer-coated mineral scaffolds for bone regeneration: from material characterization to human studies. Journal of biological regulators & homeostatic agents – Vol. 29, no. 3 (S1), 136-148 (2015)

1 - Patient's initial condition
2 - Surgery
3 - Follow up 2 months
4 - Follow up 4 months
5 - X-ray analysis 4 months
6 - Histological analysis 4 months
7 - Follow up 1 and 2 years
8 - Follow up 3 years
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Location:Bucarest, Romania
Surgeon:Dr. Giorgio Carusi and Dr. Dragos Epistatus
Product:SmartBone Block
Surgery:Lateral augmentation in 45-46 using SmartBone block

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