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May 31, 2012 gathers news, curiosities and impressions related to the medical field, from maxillofacial surgery to the use of bone grafts, from scientific research to the new frontiers of implantology. Go check it out!...

Swiss Radio RSI interviews Giuseppe Perale

May 29, 2012
Swiss Radio RSI hosted IBI’s President Giuseppe Perale for a radio interview. Sometimes the focus is on a company’s results, especially if it is newly established, less frequently one wonders how these realities are born and who the people that lead them are … Read the interview in English on or visit RSI’s Site...

The engineer who “clones” bones

November 3, 2011
SmartBone - IBI SA
Gianni Pertici was interviewed by the Italian newspaper “Il Tirreno”. Read the whole article in Italian here:...

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