IBI at XXVI International Congress in Milan

21st-22nd of October
SICOI XXVI Internation Congress
IBI SA presents SmartBone® and SmartBone On Demand at the XXVI International Congress in Milano from 21st to 22nd of October and the theme is “The real need: Quality of life from the patient’s prospective”. The event, organized by SICOI (Società Italiana di Chirurgia ed Impiantologia), will include the participation of eminent personalities of Oral and...

Master in Digital Dentistry 2016-2017

28th April 2016 - 25th March 2017
MASTER IN DIGITAL DENTISTRY 2016-2017 IBI will be a sponsor at the 1st edition of a 2 years Master in Digital Dentistry, organized by the Università Insubria in Varese. The master consists of a general module dedicated to the diagnosis, materials, hardware and software necessary to the understanding of the use of digital technologies in dentistry....

IBI to sponsor the next XXXIV S.I.C.P congress in Turin

May 19th - May 21st
SICP congress
IBI will sponsor the next XXXIV National SICP (italian society of ankle and foot) Congress, to be held in Torino (Turin) on May 19 and 21, 2016 on the theme “Il Piede Neurologico, Il Piede e la Corsa”. The event, organized by SICP, will include the participation of eminent personalities of Orthopedic International surgery and represents...

Live Surgery Course with SmartBone

November 12th-13th, 2015
Live surgery, smartbone, Giorgio Carusi
IBI is hosting an interactive live surgery course with sessions of oral surgery using SmartBone. The course will be held in Italy on the 13 th– 14th of November 2015. Dr. Giorgio Carusi will perform two different live surgeries: a sinus lift (with lateral window) and a block bone grafting. Following are the details of the course....

IBI to sponsor the next S.I.d.I congress

November 21st - November 22nd
IBI will sponsor the next S.I.d.I (Italian Society of Implantology) congress, to be held in Mestre (Venice) on November 21 and 22, 2014 on the theme “Immediate load in Implantology – Indication, limits and long-term evaluation”. The event, organized by S.I.d.I in collaboration with FORMA, will include the participation of eminent personalities of Oral and...

Feb. 21th: Doctor Gianni Pertici to speak at the B3 Research Division Friday Seminar

February 21th
Doctor Gianni Pertici, CEO & Founder of IBI SA will be a speaker at the B3 Research Division Friday Seminar that will be held at King’s College of London. The event is set for Friday, February 21th at 10,00 am at the Seminar Room 1, Tower Wing, Guy’s Campus, and the theme will be “Innovative...

Doctor Gianni Pertici at the TVER Medical Academy

Doctor Gianni Pertici, CEO and founder of IBI Sa, will be a lecturer at a teaching session at the TVER Medical Academy on next December 4th, 2013. “Innovations in bone regeneration” is the title of the training session organized for doctors and professors and doctor Pertici will intervene from 10,00 to 11,30 am presenting Smartbone,...

RealGuide™ Course with 3DIEMME and IBI

July 12th, 2013
3DIEMME’s Engineer Motroni and IBI’s Product Manager Doctor Cinzia della Valle will be lecturers at the RealGuide™ Course event for dental technicians and physicians. The event will take place on July 12th, 2013 in Carimate, Como. It is a complete course dedicated to the RealGuide™ methodology for physicians and dental technicians. At the end of...

May 2013: Smartbone goes to London!

The Bone Grafting Day that will take place in London next May 17 will be the perfect occasion for IBI’s staff to show the results of a live surgery performed with one of its products, Smartbone on Demand. The surgeon performing the operation will be Professor Harding and the date is set for next May,...

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