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IBI attends TEDD Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering Workshop

March 10th , 2016
TEDD Cell Therapy

March 10th , 2016

In the last decade, the growth of the biotech sector in the Italian-speaking Switzerland has become increasingly important for the economy of the region and for the surrounding scientific environment, soon to be empowered by a new Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at the local Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI).

Moreover, Regenerative Medicine research is being carried out at SIRM, a new research facility located in Taverne and shared by different companies and research institutions. In order to discover and have a deeper look on the evolving scientific and industrial framework of Ticino Canton, the next TEDD event will be held in Lugano, hosted by Cardiocentro Ticino and the Swiss Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

During the event, speakers from the academic, clinical, and industrial sector of the region will present their activities and will discuss the ways in which they can connect and collaborate with other partners. Likewise, participants will have the opportunity to visit SIRM Laboratories, have a direct contact with research groups sharing information about methods and research activities.

IBI will present his biomaterial SmartBone. It is an innovative bone substitute for oral and maxillo-facial reconstructive surgery.

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