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Live Surgery Course with SmartBone

November 12th-13th, 2015
Live surgery, smartbone, Giorgio Carusi

IBI is hosting an interactive live surgery course with sessions of oral surgery using SmartBone.

The course will be held in Italy on the 13 th– 14th of November 2015. Dr. Giorgio Carusi will perform two different live surgeries: a sinus lift (with lateral window) and a block bone grafting.

Following are the details of the course. Please contact IBI if you’re interested in participating to this or other live surgery sessions!


SCHEDULE: 13th November 2015 – theory

09.00 – Registration

09.30 – Dr. PerticiBiomechanical, chemical, physical and biological   characterization of SmartBone®, the innovative bone substitute.

10.30 – Coffee break

11.00 – Prof. Carusi – M.I.S.E (Minimal Invasive Sinus Elevation)

12.30 – Lunch

13.30 – Prof. Carusi – Sinus Lift (lateral window): protocol and complications

14.45 – Coffee Break

15.15 – Prof. Carusi – Bone graft techniques: from autologous bone graft to the   new generation of biomaterials (section 1)

16.30 – Coffee break

16.50 – Prof. Carusi – Bone grafting techniques: from autologous bone graft to the   new generation of biomaterials (section 2)

18.00 – Discussion

SCHEDULE: 14th November 2015 – Live Surgery

09.00 – Prof. Carusi – Implant treatment in Sinus using MISE Technique

10.00 – Prof. Carusi – Video

10.30 – Coffee break

11.00 – Prof. Carusi – Live surgery: lateral window Sinus Lift

11.45 – Prof. Carusi – Video

12.15 – Lunch

12.45 – Prof. Carusi – – Live surgery: treatment of a horizontal/vertical bone atrophy using the block technique

14.00 – Discussion

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