Did you know you can trace IBI’s products?

IBI’s dedicated section for our Customers allows you to download and store all the quality and safety information of each our implantable products:

  • SmartBone
  • SmartBone on Demand

A new way of keeping track of your products

Now you can check out all the technical and quality assurance information regarding your products, and much more!

Or use the QR Code displayed on the box with your smartphone.

You’ll be automatically directed to your product’s dedicated web page.


A digital copy of all relevant documents

With the traceability service you can view, download or send yourself an email with your product’s:

  • Instructions for Use
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Safety information
  • CE Certificates
  • Electron Microscopy (E/SEM) images


You don’t know what a QR code is? Read more about it here!

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