Horizontal bone augmentation with Block.


June 2014


Dr. M. Martini


Horizontal / Vertical Augmentation

  • Patient: Male, 42 years old.
  • Surgical anatomic site: 44-45.
  • Pre-surgical clinical situation: Mandibula bone atrophy.
  • Surgical procedure: horizontal bone augmentation with Block.
Start point CBCT scan axial view.
Bone graft appearance at the end of shaping.
SmartBone® Block shaped on a stereolytographic model.
Clinical status upon fixing the graft on the mandible.
Healing after 3 months.
CBCT scan after 4 months.
Second stage surgical procedure.
Healing abutment placement.
Implant placement in same session.
Histology - New young bone tissue with osteocytes in lacunae and with a good lamellar structure.


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