Smartbone® - Features

  • SmartBone is an innovative bone substitute specifically developed for bone regeneration in reconstructive surgeries: oral, maxillofacial, craniofacial, orthopaedics and traumatology.

    It mimics the human bone, is strong, and resistant to shaping, screws and surgical fixation manoeuvres.

    SmartBone is produced by combining natural mineral bone structures with bioactive polymers and collagen fragments [see publication nr. 3]. This new concept of biomaterial assembly allows the patient’s cells to grow quickly and efficiently into SmartBone while its biopolymers degrade, providing perfect integration and osteogenesis. [See publication nr. 6]




    Give SmartBone:

    • high loading resistance
    • high volumetric stability (>95%); the polymers protect the bone from early resorption
    • high tenacity to screws fixation



    Help SmartBone to:

    • promote blood cells adhesion and colonization
    • guarantee a high hydrophilicity thus enhancing the biochemical cascade of signals that promotes the osteoinductive process
  • A Bone graft born from Advanced Tissue Engineering Technologies

    SmartBone is produced by combining natural bovine bone mineral structures with bioresorbable polymers and cell nutrients. This new concept of biomaterial assembly allows the patient’s cells to grow quickly and efficiently into SmartBone providing osteoconduction, osteogenesis and finally a perfect integration.

    [See publications nr. 2, 3, 6]

    Human-Like Microstructure

    SmartBone mimics the characteristics of a healthy human bone: high biocompatibility, adequate open porosity, high mechanical performance, hydrophilicity.


  • humanlike

    Human-Like 27% mid sized porosity

    The microstructure of SmartBone’s composite matrix strongly resembles the human bone. [See publication nr. 6]

    Homogeneous Bone Grafts

    SmartBone was designed to reduce the inner variability that many other bone substitutes have, due to their natural origin. IBI offers homogeneous bone substitutes with regular microstructure, porosity, density and mechanical properties.

  • displacement

    [See publication nr. 6]

  • Extremely high hydrophilicity and fast osteointegration

    Thanks to its microcomposition, SmartBone quickly reaches an av. 38%w/w blood swelling ratio, thereby sparkling the chemical signalling cascade that induces a robust osteointegration.

    [See publications nr. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]

  • High tissue integration

    SmartBone’s microstructure and composition favors cell colonization.

    In Vitro studies

    The electronic microscopy analyses of in vitro cell colonization tests evidenced the presence of wide and well-structured cell formations inside SmartBone, proving confirmation to the biochemical data collected during ISO standard in vitro tests.Biological and histological investigations showed how Smartbone is a very supportive substrate for cell adhesion and growth; HatMSCs showed in vitro capability to properly colonize the scaffold and, once induced, to differentiate.

    [See publications nr. 1, 6]

    In Vivo Studies

    Studies were performed to assess osteointegration on a 4-month observation timeframe. Histological analysis proved confirmation of Smartbone integration, with natural bone formation and cells and vessels colonizing pores within it during time.

    [See publication nr. 8]


  • SmartBone: the innovative bone substitute for oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery from SmartBone
  • Do you want to know more about SmartBone’s

    high cell viability

     proliferation support

    high osteoinduction, conduction and integration?


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    • SmartBone is strong, easy to shape and resistant to screws…here’s the proof!

      We took a SmartBone block (10x10x10 mm) and harshly shaped it. We then drilled two holes at a very small distance. There is no powder formation, and the block doesn’t break into pieces!

      During a bone graft sugery we easily drilled a SmartBone block directly in place. The absence of powder formation helped the surgeon allowing to perform the drilling in situ! Furthermore, hydrophilicity is very high and the screws stay firmly in place.

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