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Next frontier of bone regeneration

In July 2012 IBI introduced SmartBone® on the EU and international market: an innovative bone substitute produced by combining a bovine mineral bone matrix with bioresorbable polymers and collagen fragments.
SmartBone® is CE marked according to 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive classified as a class III Medical Device.

Advantages of SmartBone®

  • Easy dust free shaping with any type of surgical tool (for example: bone cutter, drill);
  • Resistant to heavy loads and to heavy surgical maneuvering;
  • Far better stability of the augmented bone graft vs the loose granules;
  • Bigger defects do not need autologous bone, thus reducing patient morbidity;
  • No resorption: the polymeric coating protects the graft during initial healing/osteointegration period;
  • Readily absorbs blood.

Dental indications

SmartBone® is intended to be used for reconstruction surgeries and for bone regeneration/augmentation, in the following indications:

  • Regeneration of periodontal bone defects;
  • Regeneration of extraction alveoli;
  • Regeneration of cavities between the alveolar wall and immediate implants;
  • Horizontal alveolar ridge augmentation;
  • Sinus lift floor elevation;
  • Alveolar ridge augmentation at implant sites with sufficient residual bone and a good blood supply.

Most requested Shapes

For other shapes and further information about the sizes:

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Please fill the form in order to request the online version of our corporate book “SMARTBOOK“, a collection of technical information and clinical cases about the bone substitute Smartbone®:

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    SmartBone Surgical Procedures
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    SmartBone Dental Brochure
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    SmartBone Catalogue


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    Dental clinical case

    Horizontal / Vertical Augmentation
    Loc. 46, horizontal atrophy, horizontal bone – 3,0 mm, vertical – 2,7 mm.
    Socket preservation
    Socket preservation


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