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New frontiers in bone regeneration: bone graft on-demand
Date:   2017
Journal:   Poster at AEEDC 2017, Duabi, UAE
Authors:   Dr. Maurizio Martini, Dr. Anna Zazzetta (Macerata, Italy - Dubai, UAE)
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Bovine bone matrix/poly(L-lactic-co-e-caprolactone)/gelatin hybrid scaffold (SmartBone) for maxillary sinus augmentation: A histologic study on bone regeneration
Date:   2017
Journal:   International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Authors:   Delfo D’Alessandro, Giuseppe Perale, Mario Milazzo, Stefania Moscato, Cesare Stefanini, Gianni Pertici, Serena Danti
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Applications of Bioresorbable Polymers in the skeletal systems (cartilages, tendons, bones)
Date:   2016
Journal:   Bioresorbable Polymers for Biomedical Applications - Pages 391-422 Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomaterials: Number 120 Edited by Giuseppe Perale and Jons Hilborn
Authors:   E.C. Ekwueme, J.M. Patel, J.W. Freeman, S. Danti
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Positioning of a Contextual Implant Along with a Sinus Lift with Smartbone® Microchips of Composite Heterologous-Synthetic Bone
Date:   2016
Journal:   Indian Journal Stomatology 2015/Volume 6/Issue 2
Authors:   Ilaria Zollino, Giorgio Carusi, Francesco Carinci, Giuseppe Perale
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Reconstruction of the zygomatic bone with SmartBone®: Case Report
Date:   2015
Journal:   Journal of biological regulators & homeostatic agents - Vol. 29, no. 3 (S1), 42-47 (2015)
Authors:   Grecchi F, Perale G, Candotto V, Busato A, Pascali M, Carinci F
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Composite polymer-coated mineral scaffolds for bone regeneration: from material characterization to human studies
Date:   2015
Journal:   Journal of biological regulators & homeostatic agents - Vol. 29, no. 3 (S1), 136-148 (2015)
Authors:   Pertici G , Carinci F , Carusi G , Epistatus D , Villa T , Crivelli F , Rossi F , Perale G
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Composite polymer-coated mineral grafts for bone regeneration: material characterisation and model study
Date:   2014
Journal:   Annals of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 2014 Feb 14;2(1):4
Authors:   G Pertici, F Rossi, T Casalini, G Perale
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Polymeric scaffolds as stem cell carriers in bone repair
Date:   2013
Journal:   Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (J Tissue Eng Regen Med)
Authors:   Filippo Rossi, Marco Santoro, Giuseppe Perale
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Clinically optimized cell culture conditions in combination with a new 3D scaffold for human mesenchymal stem cell bone tissue engineering
Date:   2009
Journal:   Regenerative medicine, 2009, vol. 4(6):70-71; World Conference on Regenerative Medicine, Leipzig (Germany)
Authors:   S. Bardelli, G. Minonzio, G. Aita, G. Pertici, V. Albertini, D. Vigetti, M. Gola, T. Moccetti, T. Tallone, G. Soldati


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