SmartBone® On Demand™

Smartbone® On Demand™
Custom made graft for reconstructive surgery

Thanks to the high performances, the high workability, the resistance and the shape retention of SmartBone®, IBI can produce custom-made bone grafts for YOUR specific reconstructive surgeries, uniquely shaped just as YOU need them!

Advantages of SmartBone® On Demand

  • Is a custom-made bone graft specifically designed on the patient’s defect;
  • Ensures a perfect contact between the graft and the recipient site for improved integration;
  • Ensures a precise creation of the desired shape;
  • Helps you to resolve complex situations;
  • Reduces surgery time;
  • Reduces patient’s risks;
  • Helps you to reduce surgical costs;
  • Helps your success.

Custom made grafts for reconstructive surgery are only four steps away:

Step 1 – Diagnosis prescription

Take a CT Scan of the Patient concentrating on the defect.

Step 2 – Digital planning

Write an e-mail in the format below with a brief clinical description.
Send the CT Scan in a DICOM format to IBI-SA. IBI’s trained Engineers will get in contact with you, discuss the plan and You will receive a commercial offer for your plan (*).

Step 3 – Custom made bone graft

IBI’s trained Engineers, in conformity with your indications and suggestions, will design the graft until you are satisfied from the design.

Step 4 – Surgery

3 weeks later you will receive your graft. No sterilization or extra shaping required.

Did you already plan the graft by yourself?

Write an E-mail in the format below in order to have the information to send us the .STL File.
IBI’s trained Engineers will study the feasibility and send a commercial offer (*)

(*) In compliance with the applicable EU guidelines for medical devices (Annex I of MDR 2017/745) and local laws, customized medical devices are only available in accordance with your written prescription as a medical doctor. IBI SA is a medical device company and does not possess specific medical knowledge. Therefore, any customized solution we provide is developed according to your design specification and responsibility.


25th July 2024   Until 9 am


    SmartBone® On Demand™ Brochure


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    On Demand clinical cases

    Lacking of bone development in the frontal and orbital part of the skull
    Horizontal and vertical augmentation with customized graft


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