Horizontal bone augmentation with Microchips (0,25-1 mm) and immediate loading.


June 2013




Dr. F. Mandelli


Horizontal / Vertical Augmentation

  • Patient: Female, 73 years old, good initial health condition.
  • Surgical anatomic site: 14-15-16.
  • Pre-surgical clinical situation: sinus pneumatization with loss of jaw cortical pavement bone due to edentulism.
  • Surgical procedure: sinus lift using Block with Microchips (0,25 – 1 mm) and implant placement.
X Rays of the initial condition
Initial condition.
Bone defect.
Bone defect.
Bone defect.
Bone defect.
Implant placement and bone grafting.
Restoration with immediate load.
Check-up 10 days after surgery: everything is proceeding well.
Follow-up 3 1/2 months after surgery: good keratinized tissue.
Check-up 3 1/2 months after surgery: good keratinized tissue.
Follow-up 6 months: successful bone augmentation in the pontic area.
Complete osteointegration of soft and hard tissue.
Follow-up 6 years: complete osteointegration and maturation of soft and hard-tissues.


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