AGIRE is Ticino’s platform for the transfer of technologies and knowledge. Its members are the Canton Ticino, the University of Southern Switzerland (USI), the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), the Association of Ticino Manufacturers (AITI), the Ticino Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Services (Cc-TI), the local agencies for development (ERS) and the city of Lugano.

“During the due diligence on IBI, I appreciated the unusual combination of strong scientific background, excellent international network and strong entrepreneurial skills of IBI’s Founders. After a positive outcome of the evaluation process, and a favorable decision of our Advisory Board and Investment Committee, IBI SA was financed by AGIRE INVEST in January 2012, and subsequently I joined the board of directors as Vice-President.

From what I can see, IBI evolved from a typical academic R&D start-up (established in 2008) into an expanding biotech company with a pipeline of products on the market that have been approved by the European regulatory authorities in 2012. Furthermore, thanks to the initiative and inventive skills of the Founders and the Team, IBI has a number of very interesting new projects that will be developed in 2013, thus making IBI one the most promising companies in AGIRE INVEST portfolio.”
– Lorenzo Leoni, Director of Agire Foundation

Compagnie Financiere St. Exupéry SA

IBI Sa’s newest investor is the Compagnie Financiere St. Exupéry SA, an active company incorporated in Luxembourg and founded in 2000. The Compagnie Financiere St. Exupéry SA has become one of IBI’s shareholders and has expressed Doctor Claudio Girardi as a director and vice-president.

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