Mandibular cystic neoformation treated with SmartBone® – live surgery

Date: from 27 July 2017 to 27 July 2017


Dr. Roberto Ghiretti and Dr. Emanuele Ambu

Live SurgeryThe 27th of July in Porto Mantovano (Italy), Dr. Roberto Ghiretti and Dr. Emanuele Ambu will perform a very special surgery: a mandibular cystic neoformation (odontogenus glandular cysts) from 35 to 45 treated with SmartBone®.

Below you can find how Dr. Ghiretti and Dr. Ambu will proceed:

  • Root canal therapy of 33, 32 e 43
  • Cystic lesion enucleation with root canal therapy of the treated teeth
  • Retrograde filling
  • Bone grafting SmartBone® microchips and cortical vestibular  restoration
  • Suture

IBI gives the possibility to assist to this particular live surgery. For registration please contact us at


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