May 2013: Smartbone goes to London!

Date: May 17th 2013

The Bone Grafting Day that will take place in London next May 17 will be the perfect occasion for IBI’s staff to show the results of a live surgery performed with one of its products, Smartbone on Demand. The surgeon performing the operation will be Professor Harding and the date is set for next May, 17th.

“Our R&D Director, Gianni Pertici, will be present all day and will give both our lectures”, states founder Giuseppe Perale.
But why Pertici?

“He’s the right man to do this”, Perale comments, “He is the inventor of Smartbone after all and has clinical experience. Also, he is a founding shareholder as I am”.

During the course, which will see the participation of ten different physician and two theoretical lessons by doctor Pertici, pictures and video of the surgery will be taken.

“We’ll use them to build case reports and communication material to share with you, of course”, smiles Perale.

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