New article in italian on Ticino Scienza: Materiali “rigeneranti” per riparare le ossa dei bambini con un tumore

May 18, 2021

Recently our Vice President G. Perale and our CEO G. Pertici have been interviewed by Ticino Scienza.

Ticino Scienza is an online journal realized by the IBSA Foundation to inform about the intense scientific research activity, both public and private, present in the Canton of Ticino. Ticino Scienza wants to be a space attentive also to the initiatives of scientific popularization, which with increasing frequency are organized in the Canton.

The article through the interview of our founders illustrates how the company was created and how over the years it has been evolving, finally bringing more attention to innovative projects.

You can find the complete article entitled “Materiali “rigeneranti” per riparare le ossa dei bambini con un tumore” (in english: “Regenerating materials to repair the bones of children with cancer”) at the following link:


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