SmartBone® Lyo™

smartbone lyo

SmartBone® Lyo™

SmartBone® Lyo™ is a combination between SmartBone® and the Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cell-lyosecretome developed in order to improve the osteoinductivity of the scaffold and thus the bone formation speed and quality.


The idea behind SmartBone® Lyo™ is the enrichment of SmartBone® grafts with lyosecretome, intended for the in vivo controlled release of MSC paracrine factors in bone regenerative medicine. The lyosecretome formulation has been optimized to achieve proper and homogeneous loading of proteins and extracellular vesicles into SmartBone® scaffolds via proprietary adsorption method. The ability of lyosecretome-enriched SmartBone® Lyo™ to induce adipose tissue-derived stromal vascular fraction differentiation and new healthy bone tissue formation has been successfully proven at the lab scale.

This research activity has been developed with our partners in the research project “Advanced Therapies Experiences” (ATEX), partially supported also by the transnational European research program “Interreg V Italia-Svizzera” under the grant nr. 637541.

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