Bio-Hybrid composite bone graft for paediatric bone regeneration

In 2016, IBI won a EuroStart! research grant together with its Norwegian partner Corticalis A/S: the goal of the project was the development of a new composite bone substitute for the regeneration of bone defects and losses, specifically in critical applications such as paediatric oncology and traumatology.


A composite approach was followed to obtain a multicomponent device where IBI’s commercially available composite xenohybrid bone substitute SmartBone® was enriched with the new and highly effective osteoinductive synthetic peptides NuPep™, by Corticalis.
The new device, SmartBonePep®, was designed and engineered under the highest safety standards and to provide the optimal bone regenerative potential. Results, collected during the project and in the following year, span from device characterization to complete in vivo studies. Results confirmed the high regenerative performances of SmartBonePep® thanks to its innovative composition and mechanism of action.

IBI is now committed to the clinical studies that will lead to the final stages of product certification, having it soon on the market.


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