A Preliminary Study on the Mechanical Reliability and Regeneration Capability of Artificial Bone Grafts in Oncologic Cases, With and Without Osteosynthesis




Journal of Clinical Medicine 2020, 9, 1388;


M. Boffano, N. Ratto, A. Conti , P. Pellegrino, L. Rossi, G. Perale and R. Piana


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Several bone grafts are available for clinical use, each with their own peculiar biological
and mechanical properties. A new bone graft was obtained by combining mineral structures from
natural bovine bones with bioresorbable polymers and cellular nutrients. The study aims to evaluate
the clinical, biological and structural properties of this bone graft and its reliability in orthopedic
oncology. 23 adult patients (age range 18–85 years) were treated between October 2016 and December
2018; the oncologicdiagnoses were heterogeneous. After surgical curettage and bone grafting,
a clinical-radiological follow up was conducted. Radiographs were used to evaluate graft integration
according to the usual bone healing and oncologic follow up. Local complications (infection, local
recurrence, wound dehiscence, fracture or early reabsorption) were evaluated. The mean followup
was of 18.34 4.83 months. No fracture or infection occurred. One case of patellar Giant Cell
Tumor (GCT) and one of proximal tibia low-grade chondrosarcoma recurred after about one year.
Two wound dehiscences occurred (one required a local flap). Follow-up X-rays showed good to
excellent graft integration in most patients (20 out of 21). The investigated graft has a mechanical
and structural function that can allow early weight-bearing and avoid a preventive bone fixation
(only needed in four patients in this series). The graft blocks are di erent for shapes and dimensions,
but they can be customized by the producer or sawcut by the surgeon in the operating theatre to fit
the residual bone cavity. The complication rate was low, and a rapid integration was observed with
no inflammatory reaction in the surrounding tissues. Further studies are mandatory to confirm these
promising results.


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