Collagen-Based Biomaterials in Periodontal Regeneration: Current Applications and Future Perspectives of Plant-Based Collagen






Thammanichanon, P.; Rittipakorn, P.; Thinsathid, N.; Jitprasertwong, P.


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Collagen is the most widely distributed protein in human body. Within the field of
tissue engineering and regenerative medical applications, collagen-based biomaterials have been
extensively growing over the past decades. The focus of this review is mainly on periodontal
regeneration. Currently, multiple innovations of collagen-based biomaterials have evolved, from
hemostatic collagen sponges to bone/tissue regenerative scaffolds and injectable collagen matrices
for gene or cell regenerative therapy. Collagen sources also differ from animal to marine and plantextracted
recombinant human type I collagen (rhCOL1). Animal-derived collagen has a number of
substantiated concerns such as pathogenic contamination and transmission and immunogenicity,
and rhCOL1 is a potential solution to those aforementioned issues. This review presents a brief
overview of periodontal regeneration. Also, current applications of collagen-based biomaterials and
their mechanisms for periodontal regeneration are provided. Finally, special attention is paid to
mechanical, chemical, and biological properties of rhCOL1 in pre-clinical and clinical studies, and its
future perspectives in periodontal regeneration are discussed.


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