Jaw’s Bone Augmentation with New Generation of Bone Composite Substitute Materials




ECronicon - Open Access


Peeva-Petreska M., Veleska-Stevkovska D., Cucchi A., Perale G. and Viktor S.


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Introduction: In the process of manufacturing of the new generation of composite biomaterials, the natural mineral bone structures
(bovine matrix) are combined with the resorptive biopolymers and cell nutrients (biomolecules with Arg-Gly-Asp sequence). This
new concept of the biological materials stimulates the host cells to grow faster and more effective into the graft material while the
biomaterials degrade simultaneously ensuring the perfect integration and osteogenesis.

Case Presentation: In this case study we evaluate female patient 57 years old in good medical condition, with edentulous upper jaw.
Patient was evaluated anamnestic, clinically and performed CBCT evaluation. Two custom made grafts for the maxilla posterior regions
were manufactured. In the second phase we performed the augmentative procedures with positioning and fixation of the grafts
and collagen membranes. After period of 9 months, the patient was clinically and roentgenological evaluated. The real enlargement
of the bone volume and bone fundament was considered and optimal condition for dental implants insertion created.

Conclusion: The results suggest significant enlargement in the horizontal and vertical alveolar ridge dimensions and excellent consecutive
osseointegration of dental implants with satisfactory full-arch functional and esthetic restoration.


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