Microextrusion as a way for combining performance, functions and quality




1st International Conference on Design and PROcesses for MEdical Devices - PROMED 2012 - 2-4 May, Padenghe sul Garda – Brescia (Italy)


S. Maccagnan, G. Perale, T. Cappelletti, G. Pertici


Polymer processing is at the days of the more challenging evolutions of the medical device industry. The reason of that is strongly related to the molecular characteristics of the polymer, which are able to induce unique properties in the device and in each of its components. It is obvious that if the raw material gets spoiled during the process it will differ from the expected properties in a way that will be proportional to the level of complexity of the macromolecules.
Microexrtusion is a kind of process which allows not simply to preserve such properties, but also to combine several polymers with different properties in the same volume inducing different features on the base of the relative position within the device.


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