Simulated Performance of a Xenohybrid Bone Graft (SmartBone®) in the Treatment of Acetabular Prosthetic Reconstruction




Journal of Functional Biomaterials 2019, 10, 53


C. F. Grottoli, A. Cingolani, F. Zambon , R. Ferracini ,T. Villa and G. Perale


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Abstract: Total hip arthroplasty (THA) is a surgical procedure for the replacement of hip joints with
artificial prostheses. Several approaches are currently employed in the treatment of this kind of defect.
Overall, the most common method involves using a quite invasive metallic support (a Burch–Schneider
ring). Moreover, valid alternatives and less invasive techniques still need to be supported by novel
material development. In this work, we evaluated the performance of SmartBone®, a xenohybrid
bone graft composed of a bovine bone matrix reinforced with biodegradable polymers and collagen,
as an e ective support in acetabular prosthesis reconstruction. Specifically, the material’s mechanical
properties were experimentally determined (E = ~1.25 GPa, Ef = ~0.34 GPa, and Et = ~0.49 GPa) and
used for simulation of the hip joint system with a SmartBone® insert. Moreover, a comparison with a
similar case treated with a Burch–Schneider ring was also conducted. It was found that it is possible
to perform THA revision surgeries without the insertion of an invasive metal support and it can be
nicely combined with SmartBone®’s osteointegration characteristics. The material can withstand the
loads independently ( max = ~12 MPa) or be supported by a thinner titanium plate in contact with
the bone in the worst cases. This way, improved bone regeneration can be achieved.


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