TODAY WE MEET – Interview to Daniele and Lorenzo, Production Operators

September 7, 2021
today we meet

Hi Daniele and Lorenzo, this month you are the protagonists of this special interview of “TODAY WE MEET”, the first double interview of this section. To start, I would say to make a brief presentation to get to know you better!

Daniele: Hi everyone! I’m Daniele Alen Mendes, I’m 29 years old, I was born and raised in Ticino, I graduated as a Laboratory worker in chemistry and I’ve been working for almost 5 years at IBI SA as a production operator.

My job in IBI is, together with the production team, to transform through our processes the raw material, the bone, into what is the finished salable product “Smartbone”… and of course to do it in the best possible way to offer an excellent quality product.

Lorenzo: Hi everyone, I’m Lorenzo Presta, 25 years old, and I’ve been working in the pharmaceutical industry for 5 years. I consider myself a very caring and precise person, I like to be tidy both at work and in my private life, at the collaborative level I find myself a proactive person: I propose ideas and I carry out any project that comes up despite the difficulties.

How did you get to know the reality of IBI?

Daniele: I became aware of the reality of IBI thanks to the unemployment office right after graduating as a chemistry lab technician and after finishing the recruiting school.

Lorenzo: I have known IBI through social media, which I had the opportunity to have a job interview, today after 3 years I still work with pleasure, here.

Working for several years in the production of SmartBone, have you noticed that there have been particular changes that have made the production processes more efficient?

Daniele: Yes, many things have improved compared to the situation we were few years ago, just thinking of the expansion of the production staff and the new equipment.

Lorenzo: Yes, exactly, the biggest increase I have seen is the growth of the work team, which has doubled since I arrived. With the increased workforce in production, there has been mostly more collaboration among us, and being more people it is easier to find issues and figure out how to improve.

What is the most important aspect of your job that you consider essential in the success of your daily work?

Daniele: Without a doubt a flexible mind, we are a relatively young and ever-growing reality, so we often find ourselves facing off new challenges as we go forward on our path, always having to adapt to changes. In any case, there are so many qualities that are needed to work in our production and all of them are crucial in order to obtain an excellent result.

Lorenzo: First “cleanliness”, an essential element in the production process of such a special product, followed by “order” and last but not least “precision” in what we are doing.

As a final question, I would like to ask you to tell me what working for IBI means to you?

Daniele: Working in IBI for me means getting involved and facing off new challenges and observing closely an ever-expanding reality, with its difficulties and joys shared with an exceptional team.

Lorenzo: It means to be precise because when you create bone prosthesis you can’t afford to be it. Furthermore, understand the customer’s request and give people the full possibility to take care of themselves.

We have come to the end of the interview, I thank you for being available and for sharing your experience in IBI, see you soon!

Daniele: Thanks for the opportunity, see you soon!

Lorenzo: Thanks, bye!


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