TODAY WE MEET – Interview to Arnaldo, Production Manager

February 20, 2020

Hi Arnold, first of all thank you for your participation in this project of IBI SA, you will be the first to appear in this new section “TODAY WE MEET” where monthly IBI employees and their main partners will be interviewed. To start with, I would say to introduce yourself for those who will read the interview, so they can get to know you better!

Sure, it’s a pleasure. My name is Arnaldo but my friends call me Arnold. I am 55 years old, Italian, originally from the province of Varese, married and father of a beautiful 6-year-old girl. I’ve been so keen of motorbikes since I was a child and moreover, I love mountains and cycling… I even own 6 electric bikes…

Production has always been my main interest and at IBI I am currently in charge of the production, always in contact with my colleagues in other areas of the company; I compare myself with my colleagues in the department, and I am personally involved in the production processes.

You are known to be the first employee engaged in IBI, tell us how you discovered this company.

Yes, it’s just you said, I’m the first employee of IBI. It was end of 2012 when a person who collaborated with Giuseppe Perale and Gianni Pertici (both founders of the company), with whom I shared a working experience in the past, contacted me to propose me to get on board of this start-up.

I met this person, and he told me about the project. After hearing about the product… bone? hybrid?… I immediately got excited… it knew about high technology and my answer was immediately: count me in!

The first meeting with Giuseppe Perale was unique: we met in a brewery in the Como area and in front of a mug of beer and chips we knew each other better.

Since you joined the company in 2012, same year when SmartBone® was launched on the market, and since you are also Production Manager, have there been any changes in production?

Sure. Initially the production environments were limited and with a minimum of equipment and machinery. Then slowly came colleagues in the various departments such as administration, quality and technical.

The company has expanded by acquiring more and more performing spaces and machinery.

What about at company level? Do you want to tell, from your point of view, how the company has been developing over the last 8 years?

As I told you many are the changes in the environment, equipment and personnel employed.

In addition to that, a growing awareness of who we are and what we can do drives us to reach increasingly ambitious goals that we are sure we can achieve with tenacity.

For the moment we have only talked about the past do you want to tell us something about the future of your department in the coming years?

The company’s commitment and growth prospects are also reflected in the overhaul of the production department, which must necessarily increase its own in order to respond to the greater demands coming from the market.

Many are the process revisions that, with the competent and cohesive team of colleagues, are already ready to be implemented. Others, which represent future projects, will be implemented later, in time…

We are coming to the end of the interview, last question: what does work at IBI mean to you?

Well, as I told you before, working at IBI is a great professional pleasure for me.

The product we make and the result IBI is obtaining on the market may already be enough to define positive work experience.

I also add to this a corporate value that is no small feat. The compactness of the working group made up equally of both girls and boys, which certainly helps to make working days enjoyable.

Thank you very much Arnold for the wonderful interview and for retracing some moments in the history of IBI! Thank you again for making yourself available for this project, at the next interview, see you around the company!

Thanks for this space I wish you a good day!


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