TODAY WE MEET – Interview to Carlo, Product Manager

April 23, 2020

Introduce yourself


My name is Carlo (34), I am married, and I have a 2-year-old son. I am a passionate biomedical engineer who works hard and gives his best in all circumstances. I Like to think that life can teach me things and through these I can grow – both as an engineer and as a human being. I am currently employed by IBI SA where I work as a Product Manager Engineer with the additional responsibility of the custom-made bone service (SmartBone On Demand).

What technical skills are essential to be a Product Manager in IBI?

I believe that one cannot always possess all knowledge and competences needed in the workplace; however, these can be acquired on the go through hard work and determination, humility, and disposition to learn. These qualities are crucial in people’s life and in the workplace, especially in a managerial role where they help to overcome new challenges. Methodology is another important key feature in my work where I am trying hard to solve each individual technical challenge.

What aspects of product management related to SmartBone® do you find the most exciting?

I have been working for IBI for 7 years. Being part of the team for such a long time allowed me to acquire a good knowledge base of several departments of this company. Multidisciplinary competencies are very important to achieve the qualification of product manager. However, what I consider most exciting is always facing new challenges. Each engineer must consider technical challenges not as annoying difficulties or problems but as possibilities that can be turned into opportunities. Needless to say, that the ability to solve these problems with a certain objectivity derives from calculations and collection of data which is what the engineer needs to solve challenges. SmartBone is a class III medical device (MD) and animal derived product so it requires preparation and competencies. It is not only a MD, SmartBone is the product that helps people to improve their quality of life; so, it is very exciting to be part of the team and work with this product.

What do you think has made SmartBone® a successful product?

Bone substitute materials support the regeneration of bone where the human body is not able to heal the bone itself. The exceptional ability of bone tissue to regenerate is fascinating. This complex tissue heals and recovers its original structure and functionality. SmartBone is not only a well-known brand, but it is first an excellent product. SmartBone is an innovative bone substitute specifically developed for bone regeneration in reconstructive surgeries: oral, maxillofacial, craniofacial, orthopaedics and traumatology. It mimics the human bone, it is strong, and resistant to shaping, screws and surgical fixation manoeuvres. SmartBone is produced by combining natural mineral bone structures with bioactive polymers and collagen fragments. This new concept of biomaterial assembly allows the patient’s cells to grow quickly and efficiently into SmartBone while its biopolymers degrade, providing perfect integration and osteogenesis. The xenohybrid bone substitute material is one of the new generations of regenerative nature-based regeneration materials. The combination of different material classes compensates for the limitations of the individual elements and amplifies their positive properties. The product itself is successful and innovative.

Clearly, the entire IBI Team has been responsible for having raised the profile of this biomaterial amongst all successful products.

What about the customized bone graft?

SmartBone® On Demand™ is a service provided by Industrie Biomediche Insubri SA according to the 93/42/CEE Legislation regarding custom-made medical devices. This is what SmartBone On Demand is from a technical point of view. On the other hand, however, I would like to share what SmartBone On Demand is from my personal point of view. When I started in IBI SmartBone On Demand was a concept; only a few parts had been manufactured thanks to an external collaboration. The responsibility to build and consolidate the product was given to me. I dedicated much effort to the growth of this product/service, and to make it possible to manufacture it on a greater scale. We succeeded thanks to the IBI team and now we have the knowledge to provide patients with specific implants, and it is no longer only a theoretical concept, but a new product manufactured on a production line. We are now able to customize not only dental bone grafts but also replicate the anatomy of hips in patients affected by cancer. This was something unimaginable only a few years ago. Both working in cooperation with both medical doctors as well as patients and following and supporting them during surgery are the greatest responsibilities (and the joy) of my job. Furthermore, I am honoured to be able to support patients, listen to their needs, and implement their suggestions in the creation of these innovative products that ultimately improve their quality of life. The joy of working with this product to help patients is precisely all that Smartbone On Demand means to me.

What does working for IBI mean to you?

Competencies, professionalism, dedication, passion for the product, and creativity are the qualities I am trying to implement in my work here in IBI; in all these year, having been able to overcome an awful lot of challenges to meet all sorts of objectives has been possible only thanks to excellent team work and great cooperation among colleagues.  This is what working in IBI is all about.

Thanks a lot for your collaboration and for this amazing interview!

Thank you for this opportunity, I hope it did not take to long to read…!! =)


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