TODAY WE MEET – Interview to Dr. Facciuto

June 24, 2021
facciuto today we meet

Good morning, Dr. Facciuto, thank you for making yourself available for our section “TODAY WE MEET”. To start the interview I would say to tell something about yourself, a brief presentation.

I have been a specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery since 1997. Specialist in Otolaryngology since 2006. Hospital Medical Director since 1994. Diploma Fellow European Board Oral-Maxillo-Facial Surgery (FEBOMFS) in 2008. Currently, I am the Head of the U. O. of Maxillofacial Surgery at the Ospedale del Mare in Naples. I have had several experiences abroad (Europe, USA, Africa). My clinical interests are directed to the study and surgical therapy of malformative, oncological and traumatological pathology of the head and neck region and of the orbit.

How did you discover SmartBone®?

I discovered the bone substitute SmartBone through some colleagues who had performed it successfully.

Why would you recommend SmartBone® to a prospective customer over the competition?

The product has characteristics of moldability, lightness, adaptability, and osteointegration with almost no postoperative inflammatory response. In particular, I used it for the three-dimensional reconstruction of a large defect of the frontal bone, with complex thickness and three-dimensional conformation. In this case, we solved with a “puzzle” technique, fitting the various pieces together to reconstruct the vast defect. Five years after surgery, clinical controls have not revealed any criticality.

Instead of which aspects do you think could be improved?

I suggest increasing the thickness of the Blocks, to improve the charachteristic related to the weight and the load-bearing. Last but not least, I would make the cost more affordable, since is not always feasible for patiences.

With what surgical technique do you prefer to use Smartbone®? Could you briefly explain it?

I prefer to perform SmartBone® on sub-periosteal placement and containment with trans-cortical titanium screws. Also, with trans-oral access, avoiding external scars.

We have come to the end of the interview, thank you for your availability and for having contributed with your experience to this project, see you soon!

Thank you for the collaboration and assistance you have always shown me.

See you soon for future projects.


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