TODAY WE MEET – Interview to Felice, Quality Control Manager

October 22, 2020

Hi Felice, thank you for making yourself available for this new release of TODAY WE MEET, our well-established section dedicated to the partners and employees of IBI SA. In order to start the interview I would say to introduce you briefly!

Hi, I was born in Ticino, and I studied in Varese where I got my degree in Biology. I have been working at IBI SA since 2014, and exactly next month I will celebrate my 6th year in the company.

For the first two and a half years I had been working in the manufacturing departement. This allowed me to have a deep knowledge of the company, the manufacturing processes and also of the product. Moreover, working close on these topics gave me the chance to be involved into the EU funded project, SmartBonePep.

Now I’m the Quality Control Manager, and I am also the internal contact person for the Health Safety and Environment department.

Let’s get to the heart of the interview, which are the main challenges you need to take into account to maintain security within IBI?

In daily businness I’m focused on the safety of the production operators, and on the correct functionality of the machines that guarantee the protection of the employees and of the product as well.

Regarding the current situation with COVID-19 I had to face off new challenges. Every day I check the number of the infections in our region and the eventually new regulations of the Swiss Government, and then apply accordingly all possible rules in the company.

Obviously in this process I have the support of our HSE Manager, the CEO and the Tecnical Director, to take the best decision for keeping safe all employees and external collaborators of the company.

You have been working in IBI for several years, you have seen much of the history of SmartBone®, what are the most significant changes that have made the company grow in your opinion?

I think that the most significant change in these years is the internalization of all processes involving the manufacturing of the product, this means to acquire all knowledge on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) of the machines and processes.

In my opinion the implementation of the ERP-MRP system had a big impact on the evolution of our company lately. This allows us to facilitate transactions and production, enhancing efficiency.

Last but not least, people play a fundamental part of business growth.

We are coming to the last question: what does working for IBI represent for you?

IBI represents a huge opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

Since I have been working here I had the chance to follow many classes on Medical Device Manufacturing and Regulations, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Supply Chain, Health, safety and environment, and many others. I’m very grateful to IBI for the possibility to learn many different aspects of a company.

Furthermore, IBI is also a non-stop ideas generator that stimulates me to learn everyday more things.

Thank you again for your availability, see you soon!

Your welcome, it was a pleasure. See you soon!



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