TODAY WE MEET – Interview to Luca, Communication & Advertising Specialist

December 22, 2020
luca tdw

Hi Luca, thank you for making yourself available for the last TODAY WE MEET of this 2020. Actually YOU are the guy behind our well-established section dedicated to the partners and employees of IBI SA. And it is, indeed, my pleasure for me to be on this side of the “virtual desk” and run the interview with you! So please, introduce yourself briefly for our followers!

Hi everyone, yes, it’s just as you said, I’m the guy behind this section! But Social media management isn’t my only work function in IBI, I’m the Communication and Advertising Specialist in brief I’m responsible to manage all communication tools of the company, both digital and printed (i.e newsletter, website, social media, brochures,…) according to the company strategy and with the commercial team. Moreover, I’m also in charge to organize company events.  My job is full of diversified activities practically every day I have something new to do, therefore it is very difficult to get bored!

Taking a step back, I graduated at USI (University of Southern Switzerland) with a Bachelor in Corporate Communication, my ideal from the outset was to work in the medical or biomedical sector, you can only imagine how I was enthusiastic when I started working at IBI in 2018.

Within IBI team, you’re responsible for marketing and communication activities, and you do a great job! Here, now, I’d like to ask you how you feel specifically about the “social” activities, that we saw importantly growing this year, and how you feel being behind the scene of it.

Being behind the management of a social media is a great task, often companies underrated it and manage it lightly, is important to underline that social media are a sort of filter of information between a company and the outside world.

The information that I get out of IBI is mainly posted on websites and social media so the reputation of the company itself is involved too! I must carefully choose what I can publish and how to write and show a specific content but is overall essential to reach the right target.

When we had the first job interview with you, you already came with some sketches on possible ideas connected to IBI communication strategy. I would say we walked a successful way together, were you expecting it? Are you satisfied too?

I’m so proud of what I did at IBI, and what I’m doing! The current strategy adopted for the social media is the result of depth programming based on offer an interesting and useful content with regular posts. However, with this process I’m always on an improving cycle.

This year we got positive feedbacks from our partners and positive feedback from the analytics too. In some social media account I can tell that we have more than double the impressions and the engagement of the users, answering your questions I consider myself pretty satisfied, but as I say before, I must always aim to do it every year better in order to use social media as a full business resource.

2020 has surely been a very complex year, however at IBI we registered a robust growth, paving (and hoping) for an even better next year. Can you anticipate to our readers some news on our communication activities for 2021?

In general this year has been very tough, speaking also in organizing events, it was characterized by absolute uncertainty and many postponing. Despite the pandemic situation, as you said, we had a positive impact in different sectors of the company, that will be a good base for the next year and to do always better!

Obviously, I will have a good deal of news for the next years! For example new smartbooks both ortho and dental will be released at the beginning of the year, for those who don’t know a smartbook is the biggest collection of information regarding our product, I speak of more than 120 pages!

I foresee that the whole situation with the COVID-19 will last for other months, so I will dispatch new digital content, in brief if the 2020 was the year dedicated to the company and the product related to partner and employees, the 2021 will be the year dedicated to the education and research…but I don’t want to reveal more, I only tell to stay tuned on our website and social media 🙂

Through the entire year you’ve been asking often to you colleagues what working for IBI represents for them. And what does it for you?

This is THE question focus of Today We Meet!

Working at IBI is one of my firsts working experience, since the beginning I didn’t have difficulties to be part of the team, the most challenging part was to deeply understand the product, that could be not easy as it seems if you don’t have a scientific/technical background.

Speaking about my role since the first days in the office I had the chance to be independent in my projects, a result of that I had the chance to learn a lot and be the ownership of my mistakes.

IBI is a great company as well as its employees. We are a young and dynamic group, everyone in the company has a specific role that allows to create a big team involving multidisciplinary competences!

Thank you for the interview!

Thank you too! And a big thanks goes to the readers that follow this section during 2020, see you next year!


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