TODAY WE MEET- Interview to Patrizia, Purchasing Manager and Supply Chain

May 25, 2021
patty today we meet

Hello Patty, this month you will be the protagonist of the section “TODAY WE MEET”. To begin with I would like to give you a brief introduction to get to know you better, then it’s up to you!

Hi, I’m Patrizia I have a diploma as a laboratory technician obtained in 1989.

I have been working in IBI since 2018 as a Purchasing Manager and Supply Chain.

Before joining IBI I worked for a few years in the pharmaceutical industry (QC lab and organic synthesis lab) and for 20 years I had been working for an industry active in the medical devices sector where I was in charge of prophy paste development.

How do you plan and organize the procurement of raw materials?

The planning of purchases of raw materials, packaging materials and services comes from a good collaboration with the production and commercial departments of IBI.

A good collaboration with our suppliers and the knowledge of their supply times allows me to plan with precision the purchases orders and the delivery dates of the required materials.

With the coming of COVID-19, a period of great instability began in the procurement of our packaging materials and some of our raw materials, not to mention the protective equipment used by production personnel.

Unfortunately, for these reasons the delivery times of these materials have increased from a few weeks to 5-6 months.

How do you ensure that purchases and suppliers meet IBI SA’s quality standards?

In collaboration with our QA and based on ISO 13845, a procedure has been developed that defines how to select, qualify and monitor our suppliers.

Suppliers are classified into risk classes based on an assessment of their impact on the quality and safety of our finished products.

All supplies of products or services are monitored (checking parameters such as: quality of supply, non-conformity, on time delivery and the ability to maintain the required certifications.

This initial selection and constant monitoring of supplies allows us to keep under control the quality of our suppliers and consequently of the products and services supplied to IBI.

As a final question, I ask you to tell me what it means to you to work for IBI?

At the beginning working for IBI was a challenge, I didn’t want to disappoint the trust that had been placed in me. After 20 years of working for a multinational company, the transition to IBI but especially the total change of role was very challenging.

The team at IBI is close-knit and motivated to face off and solve any unforeseen problem that is posed to us.

Working for IBI is challenging and allows me to improve myself every day.

We have come to the conclusion of the interview, thank you for making yourself available and sharing your experience in IBI, see you soon!


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