Femoropatellar Osteoarthritis and Trochlear Femoral Bone Defect due to Giant Cell Tumor of the Knee: A Selected Patellofemoral Joint Arthroplasty and Reconstructive Technique




The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery


Conti A., MD, Boffano M., MD, Pellegrino P., MD, Ratto N., MD, Sabatini L., MD, and Piana R., MD


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Journal of bone and joint surgery


Case: A 35-year-old man with a giant cell tumor involving the lateral condyle and trochlea of the right distal femur underwent
curettage of the lesion and cement grafting, which resulted in symptomatic patellofemoral osteoarthritis after more
than 4 years. A standard follow-up excluded recurrence, whereas infection was ruled out while investigating the symptoms.
Finally, a patellofemoral resurfacing prosthesis was implanted while filling the bone defects with tantalum cones.

Conclusion: A “tailored” surgical technique with a selected patellofemoral joint arthroplasty could be used in oncologic
setting to save further bone stock for possible revisions while permitting full and quick clinical recovery.


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