Clinical cases

    Dental / Maxillo / Cranial cases:

    Ortho cases:

    Spinal cases:

Sinus Lift
Sinus lift using Block with Microchips (0,25 – 1 mm) and implant placement.
Date:   2013
Surgeon:   Dr. F. Secondo
Dental Custom
Horizontal and vertical augmentation with custom graft.
Date:   June 2013
Surgeon:   Dr. E. Messo
Horizontal / Vertical Augmentation
Horizontal bone augmentation with Microchips (0,25-1 mm) and immediate loading.
Date:   June 2013
Surgeon:   Dr. F. Mandelli
Sinus Lift
Sinus lift and vertical bone augmentation using Microchips (1 – 2 mm).
Date:   January 2012
Surgeon:   Prof. Dr. D. Epistatus and Prof. Dr. G. Carusi


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