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Smartbone On Demand applied to a post tumoral large spheno-orbital reconstruction

ANESI CaseIn November 2013, Smartbone On Demand engaged successfully in a complex maxillo-facial surgical challenge.

The innovative bone substitute designed by Industrie Biomedriche Insubri SA was, in fact, the main star in a complex large spheno-orbital reconstruction case.

Thanks to the cooperation between IBI SA and the renowned University of Modena, a revolutionary approach was set with the innovative application SmartBone® on Demand™: the result is a masterpiece in terms of skull base reconstructive surgery with custom-made bone grafts – never reported before in literature.

Please check the entire detailed procedure by clicking on this link: SMARTBRONE® ON DEMAND™ APPLIED TO A POST TUMORAL LARGE SPHENO-ORBITAL RECONSTRUCTION.

1 - Patient's initial condition
2 - Patient's initial condition
3 - Patient's initial condition
4 - Project
5 - Surgery
6 - Tumor bone tissue removal
7 - Project
8 - Surgery
9 - Follow up 11 days
10 - Follow up 11 days
11 - Follow up 6 months
12 - Follow up 6 months
13 - Follow up 6 months
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Location:Department of Maxillo-facial surgery - Policlinico di Modena, Italy
Surgeon:Prof. L. Chiarini, Dr. A. Anesi – Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy
Product:SmartBone On Demand
Surgery:Large spheno-orbital reconstruction

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